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HuNan Public Service Platform for SME in Circulation officially launched

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HuNan Public Service Platform for SME in Circulation Launch Ceremony was held in ChangSha in the morning on Dec 29th, 2015. The People’s Government of HuNan Province Deputy Secretary General Xiong Fangping, related persons in charge of Ministry of Commerce Department of Circulation Industry Development and HuNan Economic and Information Technology Commission attended the ceremony. Department of Commerce of HuNan Province Deputy Director General Xiao Bin addressed in the ceremony. 

HuNan Public Service Platform for SME in Circulation is a public welfare platform which serves the SMC in circulation according to open & resource sharing principle under the leading of Department of Commerce of HuNan Province. There are 1 provincial level service center and 6 trial city service centers in ChangSha, ZhuZhou YueYang, ChangDe, HuaiHua and LouDi already. 97 counties have set work stations, established 140 contact points in associations and business clusters and recruited 184 service organizations. There are mainly 5 types of big service suppliers in the provincial platform: information consulting, which mainly consists of policy consulting, legal consulting etc; financing warranty, which mainly consists of bank credit, micro credit, warranty service, pawn service etc; market exploring, which mainly consists of exhibition and sales, e-commerce, marketing network construction, brand design and promotion etc; management improvement, which mainly consists of startup guidance, expert diagnosis, credit rating, finance service, taxation service etc; technology application, which mainly consists of e-commerce platform development, website construction etc. The provincial platform names the website “E Business”, in the theme of “Activate & Innovate, Assist SME”, links the platforms of all the counties so that information could be shared and resource could be complementary.  

ZhuZhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce & Grain Deputy Director Zhang Guomin, Circulation Industry Development Section Chief Tan Yongqin,Deputy Chief Chen Jinyang, ZhuZhou SMCCE Service Platform General Manager Zhou Zibo and SME in Circulation service center contact points and service organizations representatives attended the ceremony together.