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“Go Abroad, Bring in”---Pakistan merchant is coming to exchange in our association

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Pakistan merchant is coming to exchange in our association on Dec 11th, which would be a great achievement because our association responded to the call for “one belt one road” state strategy and kept firm belief in “Go Abroad”.  

General Secretary Xi Jinping brought up “one belt one road” strategy on September and October 2013. Pakistan is situated in the intersection of “one belt one road”. South is close to Arabian Sea, east meets India, northeast adjacent to China, northwest interfaces with Afghanistan, west neighboring Iran, and the first Islamic country who established diplomatic relation with China. As an immovable friend of China, Pakistan has “a long term, all weather, and multi-sided developing friendship with China.”   

To enlarge open foreign cooperation, expedite the transformation and escalation of the foreign trade of our city, association led 6 enterprises to the forth Pak-China Business Forum exhibition in March 2015; the Pakistan office of association assembled officially in May; association organized SME in Circulation for Pakistan market visit in August. We have had a series of business interchange activities, so now the Pakistan merchant is travelling thousands of miles to call in. 

The visit of the Pakistan merchant this time is specializing in exchange in garment, construction materials, environmental and energy saving products, photovoltaic industries and so on, therefore, we association will organize related enterprises to have a symposium on Dec 14th, so ZhuZhou SME in Circulation could “go abroad” more easily. 

“Go into Pakistan” Investment and Trade Projects Conference held successfully 

14:30 Dec 14th, “Go into Pakistan” Investment and Trade Projects Conference, one of the “Go Abroad” activities, hosted by ZhuZhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce & Grain, undertaken by ZhuZhou Imp & Exp Enterprise Association, was held in No.206 meeting room of ZhuZhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce & Grain. Pakistan JV company representative Mr. Mohammad Asim, ZhuZhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce & Grain Deputy Director Huang Keqi, Foreign Trade Section Chief Huang Chengjie, ZhuZhou Imp & Exp Enterprise Association Temporary President Peng Hongan, Deputy Secretary General Zhou Zibo and the related enterprise representatives attended the conference. 

At first, Deputy Director Huang addressed, he said, “this conference will open a new era of China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation, boost the bilateral trade between Pakistan and HuNan, broaden the market for local enterprises, and deepen interconnection between HuNan and Islamabad. “

Next, ZhuZhou Imp & Exp Enterprise Association International Trade Center Director Zhang Bei presented the basic national conditions and current internal demands of Pakistan to the leaders and guests at the scene, also introduced the investment environment of ZhuZhou and the general situation and operation procedure of ZhuZhou Imp & Exp Enterprise Association to Mr. Asim, which made everyone in the conference get to know the circumstance and demands each other further. 

When it came to free talk, the enterprise representatives of environment protection, construction, machinery, doors & windows, ceramic etc each introduced their products to the present guests, showed the samples, and also came up with their intention of cooperation with Mr. Asim. Mr. Asim answered one by one after he listened to their introduction. 

The conference finished in pleased atmosphere. ZhuZhou Imp & Exp Enterprise Association will combine more chambers of commerce and industry associations, go abroad together with enterprises through resource integration!